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Dear Brothers and Sisters 

there is a big conspiracy going on launched by Timothy Bryant Jones and Ron Mangum. The "election" was a big fraud. The Grand Magisterial Council was NOT informed and its members did not take part in the elections. 

Timothy Bryant Jones was NOT entitled to call for or carry out elections. And the published results are a forgery because there are people on the list who did not even know about the "elections". And the other members of the GMC had not even been asked. The whole thing is a big betrayal against the Order and the Grand Priors who were not involved.

Do not believe their messages. The websites and are in Timothy Bryant Jones' hands. The Regent did not step down. He is active and in office. Ronald Mangum is NOT Master of the Order. This was a coup aimed to oust the Regent and to seize power in the Order. 

Please stay loyal to the legitimate Regency of the Order!

The main three members of the Order, the Grand Magisterial Seneschal, the Grand Magisterial Marshal and the Grand Magisterial Secretar are loyal to the Regent Nicolas Haimovici Hastier and will not follow actions of Treasony that make the Order loose all his heritge and meaning of existance.



we are Templars Brothers and Sisters, not an association...