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Dear Brothers and Sisters, we announce that after a long period of struggling the Regency Council (formerly Grand Magisterial Council) has expelled the former President of the Regency Council, Nicolas Haimovici Hastier.
See the motivation letter and the decree here.
During the last months the Regency Council has discovered many facts that are a treason to the Order and most important a betrayal of Templar Spirit.

The Order is currently headed by the Regency Council, the seat of the President is vacant and we will lead the Order to the elections of a new Master – elections for which we have been waiting for more than 20 years !!!
All Templars of good will, who want to participate in this new life of the Order, are welcome ! We walk and act together in order to restore a real Templar life within the Ordre Souvérain et Militaire du Temple de Jérusalem.

In future there will be no absolute and unlimited „power“ of one single person in the Order. However a Master of the Order will be in charge for office periods of 5 years, with an age-limit of 75 years. He will take all important decisions together with the Council, that will vote democratically on decisions and resolutions in the manner of our blessed ancestors."

You will find other documents that explain the decision of the Council, that has tried for five months to find a compromise with Nicolas H. H. to drive the Order to needed elections, unluckily the short vision and an enormous willing of power make this impossible. The age of the person, 92 years old, obviously did not help.

The documents, will be published here. (more will be added)

The main four members of the Order, the Grand Magisterial Seneschal, the Grand Magisterial Marshal, the Grand Magisterial Secretar and the Grand Counsuelor are loyal to the OSMTJ Order and will not follow the old path that make the Order very close to loose all his heritage and meaning of existence.
We inform also that all the Knights of the Grand Priories left inside the OSMTJ are loyal to their Grand Priors and to the Council. Actually there are no Knights of OSMTJ left under the tyranny of Nicolas H. H.



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